The FogKicker – never have steamy glasses again.

Our FogKicker makes sure that your glasses, goggles and/or helmet never get foggy again. As we can tell from experience, this easily happen when drinking for instance hot tea or cycling while it is foggy outside. Due to advanced biopolymers found in plants we can make sure your wearables will not only be fog-resistant but water-resistant as well. One coating can be enough for up to 24 hours.

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Made of organic materials that protect against fog and dust for up to 24 hours.

More Than Just A Brand.

Over the past few months, we have put time and effort into looking for the best possible solution solution. Having lived with glasses for almost the entirety of our lives so far, we frequently encounter situations where are glasses get steamy. This can be very frustrating – to the point where we started looking for a solution ourselves. Surprisingly, there did not seem to be a proper solution. After a long period of research we eventually launched our own product: the FogKicker. Our main mission is for everyone with glasses to see clearly during the day as well as while practicing sports.

Never worry about your glasses getting foggy again.

The FogKicker makes them water & fog resistant!

FogKicker - the ultimate anti-fog marker for your glasses

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Loraine Kelsey

Best product I have ever used, no more
Foggy glasses. Worth every penny.

Amanda Jones
At last I can see with a mask on

I work all day in a mask and this product has been a godsend.

Iain McInroy
Works really well.

"Does what it says on the tin"! Effective and very easy to use.

darren johnson
No more fog

I bought this item hoping it would do the job as I am a bus driver and every time I put my mask on it fogged up .
I was not a believer on things like this but very happy I took the plung .
No more problems with my glasses 🤣
I do my glasses twice a day as I work 12hours a day before getting it I was struggling but now no problems very happy with it .
Ordering was very easy and quick .
Yes it does what it says it does

Sheila Askey
At last I can see.

This is brilliant. It works!
I have tried all the, so called remedies for stopping glasses from fogging. Nothing has worked. Until now.
I cleaned my glasses and applied the Fogily, which incidentally, was a very easy process. Then I put on my mask and popped into Asda.
I could hardly believe it. I was in Asda a good 40 mins and my glasses stayed absolutely clear. I use it every time I wear a mask and it
definitely works. It really is worth buying. I love it and would recommend it.