Welcome to Fogily! 

We aim to offer our customers the best experience possible. We launched this company because we have lived with this pain point for a while and there was no product in the market yet providing the highest quality: so we came up with the best option for you as a customer. 

Over the past few months, we have put time and effort into looking for the best possible solution. Having lived with glasses for almost the entirety of our lives so far, we frequently encounter situations where are glasses get steamy. This can be very frustrating – to the point where we started looking for a solution ourselves. Surprisingly, there did not seem to be a proper solution. After a long period of research we eventually launched our own product: the FogKicker. Our main mission is for everyone with glasses to see clearly during the day as well as while practicing sports. We hope you will enjoy our product as much as we do making it available to you.

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Fogily is managed by NOMADLY LTD: we are based in London and ship from Bristol using 24 hours tracked postage services.

For any question or doubt, feel free to contact us at info@fogily.com or DM us on Instagram @buyfogily.